Weight Loss Yoga

A picture of 2 people sitting in a yoga pose in a yoga class.

The movement that is recommended and provided for this weight loss system is yoga. Yoga is selected because it is the best way to connect to your body and relax the overworked and burnt out systems required for optimal fat burning.

Traditionally we are taught that high-intensity exercise and cardio is ideal for fat burning however we have found that slower, relaxed, and mindful movements are ideal for weight loss. 

Most clients are experiencing high levels of stress even if the stress is purely due to the task of trying to lose weight. Therefore, yoga becomes the missing piece the body needs for fast metabolism and optimal digestion.

We offer live virtual yoga classes every day with amazing yoga teachers from around the world. We recommend live classes so you can stay present and focused for that hour on just your body. It is critical to take a break from the quick-moving and persistent mind and live yoga is ideal for this.

We’ve found that pre-recorded yoga doesn’t allow for the level of mindfulness that is ideal for the body to truly relax and would prefer our clients take advantage of live classes with a live teacher who can get to know them and allow for a deeper connection with their body and the other students.

This is provided virtually to be more convenient for our clients and ideal for their health and wellness in these uncertain times.

Yoga classes range from slower flow classes, restorative classes, and more active classes. Students can challenge their bodies and their minds through our yoga portal and enjoy the benefits of being in their bodies for this hour.

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