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We help Paradise, Oroville, and Chico residents with their weight and food in a few different ways: Holistic Weight loss coaching, our signature weight loss wellness program, weight loss support group, yoga for weight loss, and our virtual weight loss center.

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Weight Loss Coaching

One of the holistic weight loss services we provide is weight loss coaching. Weight loss coaching allows us to support our clients as they work through our signature 60-day weight loss program.

Coaching sessions are performed via zoom so that clients can have recordings of the sessions for any repeat listens. Coaching sessions allow clients to ask questions, reveal roadblocks, and receive guidance through the sticking points that have gotten in the way of their weight loss success in the past.

While the goal of our program is to help clients holistically achieve their ideal weight and body the focus is to notice the underlying patterns behind the consistent weight struggles and uncover the true reasons the weight issues continue to show up time and time again. 

The coaching sessions become a place where clients can receive nourishment instead of punishment. The intention is to allow clients to release whatever is weighing them down and making them feel heavy so the body can lighten up. It’s also to receive weight loss guidance for their specific needs in their bodies.

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Our signature 60-day program gives clients daily tasks to complete to walk through all four phases of our proven weight loss system. Each day our clients focus on their bodies to understand exactly what their body needs specifically to lose weight permanently. 

The name “Mind-Hunger Recalibration Diet” comes from the fact that our clients struggle the most with eating at times when they are not hungry. This shows up as binge eating, overeating, emotional eating, stress eating, boredom eating, or any other time we eat food without hunger being present.

We’ve coined the term “mind-hunger” to these other eating types as the trigger to consume food is coming from the mind instead of the body. Our 4-phase system completely eliminates mind-hunger so that our clients are left only with true physical hunger for eating. 

This process happens quickly and automatically when the steps are followed. Most clients see a change in as little as a week. This eliminates the excess food someone may be consuming to alleviate the extra work for the body when digesting all the food it doesn’t need.

Other clients have experienced a complete lack or disconnection with hunger and therefore do not necessarily resonate with mind-hunger. These clients often skip meals and when they do eat it’s not with much joy or pleasure. This four-phase system reconnects them with food which allows the body to recalibrate itself to optimal digestion and metabolism.

They will find themselves enjoying food again and appreciating the nourishment. This allows the body to “rest and digest” instead of its normal fight or flight response that occurs when we skip meals or deny the body eating experiences. 

In both instances described above, weight loss occurs as a result of meeting the body’s needs. Whether we are giving the body the eating experiences it requires with pleasure and joy, eliminating the excess food that forces the body to work harder than it needs to, or a combination of both. Making this change allows the body to relax and burn fat more efficiently. 

The other phases of this program include a deeper understanding of exactly how weight loss works so that clients never wonder why they have struggled for so many years as well as deeper insights on the truth about stress and exercise.

This fully comprehensive program has been used and loved by clients for many years and is backed by scientific-based evidence. Both self-determination theory and mindfulness theory are utilized to develop the curriculum in this program.

A picture of a bunch of hands on top of one another coming together as a community.Weight Loss Support Group

In addition to weight loss coaching and our 60-day curriculum, we have a weekly weight loss support group for our members. This support group is done through zoom and is a chance to ask questions, meet other members just like you, hear other stories to know you’re not alone, and just connect with a like-minded community.

While the majority of the world struggles with weight and food it can feel isolating to struggle. It can feel like we are the only ones who can’t seem to leave food on our plate, or binge eat in silence. We can feel lazy,  undisciplined, and unmotivated and like everyone else seems to have it all together.

The truth is, we all crave connection and community, and the more we allow ourselves to be surrounded by others the better our success. 

If you are feeling shy you can leave yoru camera off and or submit questions ahead of time so that you don’t have to speak in front of the group. The most important part is to feel the support of others without judgment or shame.

A picture of 2 people sitting in a yoga pose in a yoga class.Yoga For Weight Loss

The movement that is recommended and provided for this weight loss system is yoga. Yoga is selected because it is the best way to connect to your body and relax the overworked and burnt out systems required for optimal fat burning.

Traditionally we are taught that high-intensity exercise and cardio is ideal for fat burning however we have found that slower, relaxed, and mindful movements are ideal for weight loss. 

Most clients are experiencing high levels of stress even if the stress is purely due to the task of trying to lose weight. Therefore, yoga becomes the missing piece the body needs for fast metabolism and optimal digestion.

We offer live virtual yoga classes every day with amazing yoga teachers from around the world. We recommend live classes so you can stay present and focused for that hour on just your body. It is critical to take a break from the quick-moving and persistent mind and live yoga is ideal for this.

We’ve found that pre-recorded yoga doesn’t allow for the level of mindfulness that is ideal for the body to truly relax and would prefer our clients take advantage of live classes with a live teacher who can get to know them and allow for a deeper connection with their body and the other students.

This is provided virtually to be more convenient for our clients and ideal for their health and wellness in these uncertain times.

A picture of a woman cheering as she weighs herself and feels lighter.Virtual Weight Loss Center

Our holistic weight loss coaching, weight loss program, weight loss yoga, and weight loss support group are all housed in our virtual wellness weight loss center.

Our clients receive a log-in and password and are able to connect teachers and students all in one portal. This is a safe place to talk to others, access your weight loss course, and receive updates about group sessions. 

We also love to meet in person and will set up times to get together as a group as well. But for the majority of our time together we will be in this virtual setting.

We treat our clients like family and clients build lasting friendships with each other as a result of being part of this group. We’d be honored to add more members to our family.

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