Weight Loss Coaching

A picture of a woman in her sixties sitting comfortably in her home watching a person on her computer with a glass of water.One of the weight loss services we provide is weight loss coaching. Weight loss coaching allows us to support our clients as they work through our signature 60-day weight loss program.

Coaching sessions are performed via zoom so that clients can have recordings of the sessions for any repeat listens. Coaching sessions allow clients to ask questions, reveal roadblocks, and receive guidance through the sticking points that have gotten in the way of their weight loss success in the past.

While the goal of our program is to help clients holistically achieve their ideal weight and body the focus is to notice the underlying patterns behind the consistent weight struggles and uncover the true reasons the weight issues continue to show up time and time again. 

The coaching sessions become a place where clients can receive nourishment instead of punishment. The intention is to allow clients to release whatever is weighing them down and making them feel heavy so the body can lighten up. It’s also to receive weight loss guidance for their specific needs in their bodies.

When working with private coaching clients, we offer unlimited weight loss coaching so our clients feel supported throughout their program. This means for 60-days clients are able to access our email address and request support as needed. Email responses occur 24-48 hours after requests are made and occur in three different ways. 

Email Coaching: If the question is simple and easy clients receive a text email reply to answer their question.

Video Coaching: If a longer answer is needed a video recording response is made to dive deeper into the clients needs and coach them through it.

Phone/Zoom Coaching: If a deeper dive is required or a back and forth conversation the client is asked to schedule a time to chat within a day or two after the request is made.

With these three weight loss coaching options clients are supported quickly and efficiently so they are never alone in their weight loss journey.

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