Weight Loss Expert For Chico, Oroville, Paradise CA

A picture of a woman cheering as she weighs herself and feels lighter.

Our holistic weight loss center features weight loss coaching, weight loss programs, weight loss yoga, and a weight loss support group that are all housed in our virtual weight loss center.

Our clients receive a log-in and password and are able to connect teachers and students all in one portal. This is a safe place to talk to others, access your weight loss course, and receive updates about group sessions. 

We also love to meet in person and will set up times to get together as a group as well. But for the majority of our time together we will be in this virtual setting.

Unlike other weight loss facilities, the focus of our center is a deep connection and love for the body, guilt-free, and pleasurable eating experiences, and a love for movement that fosters relaxation and rejuvenation. This approach to our body allows us to fill ourselves up instead of drain ourselves in the pursuit of our ideal body.

We treat our clients like family and clients build lasting friendships with each other as a result of being part of this group. We’d be honored to add more members to our family.

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