Holistic Weight Loss Program: Quick & Easy

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Our signature 60-day program gives clients daily tasks to complete to walk through all four phases of our proven weight loss system. Each day our clients focus on their bodies to understand exactly what their body needs specifically to lose weight permanently. 

The name “Mind-Hunger Recalibration Diet” comes from the fact that our clients struggle the most with eating at times when they are not hungry. This shows up as binge eating, overeating, emotional eating, stress eating, boredom eating, or any other time we eat food without hunger being present.

We’ve coined the term “mind-hunger” to these other eating types as the trigger to consume food is coming from the mind instead of the body. Our 4-phase system completely eliminates mind-hunger so that our clients are left only with true physical hunger for eating. 

This process happens quickly and automatically when the steps are followed. Most clients see a change in as little as a week. This eliminates the excess food someone may be consuming to alleviate the extra work for the body when digesting all the food it doesn’t need.

Other clients have experienced a complete lack or disconnection with hunger and therefore do not necessarily resonate with mind-hunger. These clients often skip meals and when they do eat it’s not with much joy or pleasure. This four-phase system reconnects them with food which allows the body to recalibrate itself to optimal digestion and metabolism.

They will find themselves enjoying food again and appreciating the nourishment. This allows the body to “rest and digest” instead of its normal fight or flight response that occurs when we skip meals or deny the body eating experiences. 

In both instances described above, weight loss occurs as a result of meeting the body’s needs. Whether we are giving the body the eating experiences it requires with pleasure and joy, eliminating the excess food that forces the body to work harder than it needs to, or a combination of both. Making this change allows the body to relax and burn fat more efficiently. 

The other phases of this program include a deeper understanding of exactly how weight loss works so that clients never wonder why they have struggled for so many years as well as deeper insights on the truth about stress and exercise.

This fully comprehensive program has been used and loved by clients for many years and is backed by scientific-based evidence. Both self-determination theory and mindfulness theory are utilized to develop the curriculum in this program.

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Phase One: You Will Learn How to Eat What Your Body Wants

In this first phase, you will simply write down some important things when you eat. Unlike other weight loss programs, you will not write what you eat… but you will be blown away by the results with this unique method. Just the act of following this system will have you eating less food in as little as a week.

Phase Two: You Will Restructure Your Inner Weight Loss Department Phase

The second phase is all about getting back into the body. With typical diets, we become disconnected from the body and it makes our digestion and metabolism slow and sluggish. It also creates stress and strain on our body as we are often not listening to it or abusing it. These simple videos and exercises will have you connecting to your body easily and effortlessly!

Phase Three: Yoga To De-Stress & Connect to The Body

In phase two you connected to your body through this learning process but in phase three we physically connect to our bodies through yoga classes. Our live virtual yoga schedule has many classes to choose from each day so you can be live with your yoga instructor and receive the relaxation and rejuvenation you and your body deserve. Your body will thank you for this!

Phase Four: Fulfill Your Needs So Your Body Can Burn Fat

Lastly, we come to phase four. In this last phase, we fill in the gaps that could prevent the body from burning fat and losing weight permanently. We take amazing care of our bodies and ourselves without having to leave for a month-long yoga retreat (unless you want to!). The training and exercises in this phase will help you understand how your body can lose weight permanently.