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If you’re looking for a fast and effective weight loss center in Chico, Oroville, and Paradise, you are in the right place!

As a weight loss expert specializing in yoga, wellness, binge eating, overeating, and stress eating, my program is quick and effective.

If you’ve ever done a weight loss program in the past you may have noticed that even when you lose weight, it often comes back. Maybe you’ve been told that it was just water weight or that you need to focus on exercises that focus on fat loss. Maybe you’ve even gone to a “fat loss” expert…

What makes this weight loss center different is that I incorporate coaching, yoga, group support, and most importantly, real solutions to combat emotional and binge eating. As a weight loss coach, weight loss yoga teacher, and binge eating expert, you finally have lasting solutions that allow you to lose weight without gaining it back.

Most weight loss experts and specialists come from a background of fitness and nutrition. They are often nutritionists, dieticians, personal trainers, and even doctors. While all of these amazing professionals have a great deal to offer those searching for weight loss support there is often one missing piece in their tool bag… an understanding of human behavior and psychology.

Since you are a human being that wants to lose weight it is imperative that the expert helping you understands human motivation, emotional eating habits, self-sabotaging patterns, stress, lack of sleep, and all of the underlying issues surrounding our weight and food.

With a Masters degree in human behavior, 3 published books on weight loss, and a soon to be doctor in psychology, I have been able to help clients finally understand how to lose weight without surgery, pills, or diets for the past 10 years in this unique weight loss center.

Free Weight Loss Assistance

We’d love to meet with you and learn about your needs to see if we can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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Many of the typical weight loss programs and centers focus on controlling behaviors so that you feel more in control around food. You are instructed to eat a certain way, exercise a certain way, or behave in a way that is supposed to create an environment for fat loss. This is all great in theory, but unfortunately, not very practical.

Human beings cannot diet and avoid foods forever. They cannot force themselves to do things they don’t enjoy forever. And we are often sold a lie that we can simply adjust our behaviors once we lose the weight. This is when the vast majority of people see themselves gain the weight back and feel hopeless and frustrated.

Instead of trying to gain control of our food and habits through control and manipulation, I help my clients eat less food and exercise by doing the opposite of what most weight loss specialists do. As a result, my clients are able to easily and automatically eat the foods that make them feel best in the amount that feels best.

This unique and simple process uses the foundation of yoga and mindfulness to retrain the body and the brain so that it no longer craves sweets and thinks about food all day long. Since the body is no longer craving junk food (or just too much food) it begins to behave differently internally as well. It boosts metabolism, digests food better, and overall becomes less stressed.

This switch from “fight-or-flight” to “rest-and-digest” is the key to burn more fat and relax around food and weight. The best part, you feel so much better! No more self-sabotage, no more sugar cravings, no more feeling unmotivated or undisciplined… finally you feel like a normal person who just eats food when hungry and stops when full.

If you’ve never worked with a weight loss coach before allow me to explain what this process looks like. I have a weight loss program with pre-recorded videos and assignments that walk you through the process so you feel in control around food and relax the body. It’s super simple and quick, most of my clients stop overeating in as little as a week!

This is just the foundation of the weight loss process. This proven and unique four-phase system only takes 8 weeks but most clients are seeing results much quicker. Each phase is only 15 days.

Alongside the four phases, there is a weight loss group to help you feel supported as you go through the process. This is your chance to connect with other members of the group and allow me to help you as you go through the steps.

Best part… it’s super Covid friendly, it’s all done online. If you live in Chico, Oroville, or Paradise (or really any city in Butte County) I am honored to call you my neighbor. However, we will work together through a super easy virtual process. Our calls or on zoom and the videos are as easy as one click.

If you want more support beyond the weight loss support group you have the option of adding in private weight loss coaching with me too.

Now let’s go through the four phases!

Phase One: You Will Learn How to Eat What Your Body Wants

In this first phase, you will simply write down some important things when you eat. Unlike other weight loss programs, you will not write what you eat… but you will be blown away by the results with this unique method. Just the act of following this system will have you eating less food in as little as a week.

Phase Two: You Will Restructure Your Inner Weight Loss Department Phase 

The second phase is all about getting back into the body. With typical diets, we become disconnected from the body and it makes our digestion and metabolism slow and sluggish. It also creates stress and strain on our body as we are often not listening to it or abusing it. These simple videos and exercises will have you connecting to your body easily and effortlessly!

Phase Three: Yoga To De-Stress & Connect to The Body

In phase two you connected to your body through this learning process but in phase three we physically connect to our bodies through yoga classes. Our live virtual yoga schedule has many classes to choose from each day so you can be live with your yoga instructor and receive the relaxation and rejuvenation you and your body deserve. Your body will thank you for this!

Phase Four: Fulfill Your Needs So Your Body Can Burn Fat

Lastly, we come to phase four. In this last phase, we fill in the gaps that could prevent the body from burning fat and losing weight permanently. We take amazing care of our bodies and ourselves without having to leave for a month-long yoga retreat (unless you want to!). The training and exercises in this phase will help you understand how your body can lose weight permanently.

And that’s it! This weight loss program has been running for many years with great success. If weight reduction is your goal and you don’t want to diet and sacrifice your entire life to be healthy and happy, this is the program for you.

Help! I’ve tried everything and I can’t lose weight!

Studies show that a typical weight loss program has a 2% chance of lasting long-term. Groups like overeaters anonymous have over a 70% relapse rate. If you’ve been on the weight loss roller coaster for a while you are not alone.

Why diets don’t work long-term:

Diets don’t work long-term because they require you to alter your life in a way that is impossible to maintain. Also, they don’t address root issues like binge eating, overeating, emotional eating, low motivation, self-sabotage, etc.

They work temporarily because for a period of time we are able to use willpower and discipline to ignore our body’s feedback. Also, if we are eating healthy food, exercising, and eating the amount of food our body wants we will feel better overall. This tricks the body into an ideal fat burning environment. Eventually, we will not be able to ignore our body’s feedback and will give in to our old habits. When this happens our body will plateau and everything that used to work won’t work anymore. This is extremely frustrating and can easily be avoided.

How to avoid plateaus when losing weight

Most people have a healthy and balanced perspective of what they will do to maintain their weight loss. However, the plan they set up to lose weight is unrealistic. A good way to avoid plateaus when losing weight is to follow the plan in your head you have for maintenance. This is actually the best way to lose weight as we do not need to do drastic things to burn fat.

The more drastic our habit changes the more dramatic the weight loss will be temporarily and the more we tend to gain later. If we follow what our body says to do we have a higher chance of avoiding relapse and enjoying the process of losing weight.

This is exactly why I started this weight loss center – to help people lose weight in a way that they can maintain for their whole life.

If you’re looking for weight loss support in Chico, Paradise, and Oroville Total Body Health Solutions is the best weight loss center for your long-term goals.

We also work with clients around the world for non-locals.

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